White To Black Belt Course CONTINUITY Payment Plan

$259.00 per month with a total of 3 instalments

  • 58 Premium Video Lessons
  • Novel Practical Exercises
  • Real, Tangible Progress Via Quizzes/Assignments/Exams
  • 6 Group Coaching Sessions
  • 3 “Songproofing”™ Critiques
  • Group Community Membership During AND After Course(max. 12 months after purchase)   
  • Switch currencies on the right or at the bottom of this page if necessary (USD/EUR/GBP accepted) 




For the avoidance of doubt: one payment will be taken on checkout, another one on the same day of the following month, and a final payment two months after the initial payment. The total amount payable price is $777(not taking into account any coupons or special promotions) or its equivalent in Euros or Pounds Sterling. Simply multiply the displayed monthly price by 3 to get the total.

The payment system describes this payment plan as a “subscription” which “expires” when the final payment has been made, but of course your course access never expires. Just your payments stop. Also, we only currently offer credit and debit card payments for this payment plan. Should you require another payment option, please contact alex @ customerrelations. songwondo. com (take out spaces).

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