Here’s where you will find everything you need to know about how to use this course and the site in general. Please watch the following brief video first:

or if you prefer reading, here are the main points:

  1. The most important link is “Course Page” which takes you to your actual training(done automatically when you log in).
  2. On desktop, this is in the top left-hand corner, on mobile it’s the first item in the hamburger menu(three stripes).
  3. For tablets, you can determine whether you want to display any page in desktop or mobile mode(in the page footer). It most cases, everything will look similar to the demonstration here.
  4. But on smaller tablets or even mobiles, the menus will look a bit different.
  5. There’s a full-screen button for videos, and on tablets and especially mobiles they’re obviously best viewed in landscape(horizontal) mode.
  6. Once on the main course page, click on the module(s) you have access to and once there through to the individual videos and lessons. On those pages there are lots of written explanations as well, probably too many!
  7. You can also click on the “Resume Last Lesson” button wherever it’s displayed on the site to pick up where you left off, for example on the Profile page.
  8. There are many other “social” features on the site as well to make it feel less cold and lonely, a common problem with online courses.
  9. “Groups” are like Facebook groups: you can post status updates, ask questions to the group, see what other members are up to etc.
  10. Groups are allocated according to your progress in the course, i.e. beginning students will be in a different group from those training for black belt.
  11. There’s a generous number of navigation options on this site and this is no different for groups: whenever you see “Groups” or “Home” that’s where your groups live. Nothing super-complicated here, just click around for a bit and you will get the hang of it.
  12. Then there are forums: these are for longer threads and discussions and are accessible to all students. There are two forums at present: Collaboration Noticeboard and Tech Questions/Helpdesk.
  13. On each forum there’s a sticky post that explains what the forum is for, and there’s also a description of each on the All Forums page which can be accessed on the left.
  14. In that menu you can also find Group Coaching schedules. Coaching calls start after you’ve earned your Yellow Belt so we have more to talk about!
  15. NEW: Comments are now enabled on all main lesson pages. So if you have a question or suggestion while watching a video, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
  16. You can win badges and rewards for achievements and certain points totals. You can see what’s available on the Badges&Rewards page.
  17. The Onboarding page is always available in the top left-hand menu.
  18. And that’s it for now. If there are any changes or I’ve found ways of explaining things better they will appear first in these bullet points-easier to do than re-recording the screencast every week or so.