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You Too Can Write Like A Hit Songwriter... Even If You Haven’t Had Your Breakthrough Yet!
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Whether you’ve only written a handful of songs or dozens or even hundreds, chances are that you’re not happy with—let alone proud of—most of them.

Something always seems to "suck"—whether it's the lyrics, the melody, the chord structure, the arrangement or the sound.

Or you may like them but not many other people do—especially those like industry professionals that could make a difference to your career. At that stage, you are confronted with...


1) Give up and try something easier(please don't)

2) Hop on Youtube and watch an endless succession of how-to-tutorials (tiring, isn't it?)

3) Go on Amazon and buy a few books on songwriting (time-consuming)

4) Co-write with somebody who's had a hit before or is at least much further along the journey than you (good luck!)

5) Enrol in an expensive university course (online or offline) that takes years and many thousands(if not tens of thousands) of dollars out of your development budget (save your time and money)

6) Continue on your path of trial and error and write more songs with minimal improvement (better than giving up, but still frustrating)

7) Keep on presenting those trial&error songs to industry professionals and watch one door after another closing on you—you know what they say about first impressions...

Not exactly mouth-watering options, but you probably haven't had much of a choice...until now!

Let me introduce you to $ONGWONDO, my unique and powerful training method designed to give a massive boost to your songwriting skills in a matter of weeks! Because contrary to common belief, songwriting is a skill that can be learned and improved like any other musical, artistic or athletic skill. It is complex and challenging, but it's not a dark art that's only accessible to the chosen few—and it doesn't have to take years or even decades to master!

We'll get to what it's included in this exciting new training programme in a minute. For now let me just say that if you can't strike up a co-writing partnership with a top writer right now, then do the next-best thing and study with me. I've written with some of the best writers in the world and have had No.1 success myself. Of course that doesn't mean anything if I'm a lousy—or lazy—teacher! So have a quick look at what these former students had to say:

“Songwriting can be rewarding and frustrating in equal measures. I get a great buzz out of tipping the scales in favour of rewarding—for anybody who is a serious student of the craft and willing to do the work.                                                                                                                                                       

ALEX VON SOOS ($ongwondo creator)



So...if your songwriting is going well—you're getting a lot of recognition for your songs and you're really proud of what you write—then you probably don't need my assistance.

For everybody else, here's what you will get:


The end of confusion. Everything that you will ever need to know about songwriting explained in an engaging way.


Study on your own or reach out for help during live coaching sessions. There isn't a songwriting problem I haven't seen before. 


Online courses can be lonely and boring-not this one! Forums, quizzes, points, rewards and many social features make for a fun and vibrant student experience.


Everything you would expect from a premium online course: dozens of value-packed video lessons, worksheets and diagrams but also completely novel specialist exercises—guitarists and vocalists have their scales, now for the first time songwriters can have their own exercises as well! Rest assured that all the fat has been trimmed from this course and you will only learn what you absolutely need to know to become a professional songwriter—but songwriting is complex as you will have discovered yourself and it can't be taught in a one-day crash course, a Youtube songwriting tips video or eBook. The training is also available in audio-only format so you can study while running or driving.

Here's a breakdown of the 10 powerful modules included in this course:

(The modules are going to be released weekly as this has been proven to achieve the best balance between challenge and overwhelm. A week is the perfect time to absorb new concepts AND integrate them into your songwriting workflow.)


Whether you're a relative beginner or more experienced writer, you need to know the basics inside out. No cutting corners here! Because any attempts to skip those foundations and just "wing it" will lead to frustration further down the line. Same as with any other skill—guitar playing, mixing, chess etc. Your path likely goes like this: moving too fast>lack of true understanding/developing bad habits>correction is difficult/painful>regret!

Module 1: 
Instant Songwriting Boosts

Here you will find some big wins right at the start of the course—things you thought you knew but never put into practice properly. You will kick yourself for not doing them earlier!

Module 2: 
How To Write Great Lyrics

A complete system for writing professional lyrics "on demand". You will be shown how to find inspiration and then turn those initial ideas into the finished article—in a tasteful, non-cheesy way!

Module 3: 
Melodies&Chords Demystified

The musical building blocks of songwriting—some of this has been taught for centuries but you will only learn what's essential for modern songwriters.

Module 4: 
Supercharging Our Melody Writing

In this module we will go beyond traditional music theory and develop a new method for coming up with hit melodies. Prepare for some fun and novel exercises too!


With the foundations in place, we will push on to reveal the many secrets that top professionals use in their daily workflow—some of them are so subtle that they might not even be aware of them themselves—but use them they do, and so will you!

Module 5: 

That's right—a complete module dedicated to writing great choruses. Because writing choruses is the most important—and difficult—skill in all of songwriting.

Module 6: 
From Theory To Practice

It's not enough to know what makes a great professional song—you need to develop daily habits to engrain this knowledge in your songwriting brain—you'll be surprised how literally we will be taking this!

Module 7: 
Music Production For Songwriters

It's no longer enough to produce simple demos and hope to get away with it—learn the language that producers use and get familiar with the all-important principles of "sound" and  "vibe".

Module 8: 
Make Beats And Become Independent

Learning how to produce and mix like a top professional takes time—but you can learn how to create your own musical vision so that any producers further down the line can fulfil your exact wishes rather than just guess!


Once we have integrated the first 8 modules it's time to dig even deeper—anything that isn't covered here is probably not worth knowing or will just slow you down. And when we've dug as deep as possible, we'll zoom out to the macro level and get unique insights into how the whole world of songwriting, production and even the music business is woven together!

Module 9: 
 Super-Advanced Songwriting

As we have come so far already we might as well explore the final frontiers of what can taught about songwriting—and by now you will have the appetite for it!

Module 10: 
The Path To Success: Looking At The Big Picture

It's like looking at the whole process from the International Space Station—things that seemed unconnected suddenly take on a new meaning leading to a massive boost in your understanding of how this industry works!

Training For Black Belt Grading

As you may have guessed from the course title, the system is inspired by martial arts and now it's time to prepare for getting your black belt!

4 Hours Of Individual Coaching Over Skype To Answer All Your Questions 

Another 8 More 1-2-1 Private Coaching For Even Faster Progress
(extra cost)


I'm an experienced songwriter/producer with hundreds of published songs making money including No.1 songs in the UK and South Korea. I've been teaching songwriting in person to hundreds of students-now for the first time those who can't come to my London studio can study with me online and experience the massive boost in their songwriting skills that my "live" students have received. I don't have a lot of spare time but I do like playing football(soccer) and chess and read lots of books about becoming a better human being and the meaning of life. The former is probably the answer to the latter...

Signed to or music released by:

And here's a breakdown of what kinds of songwriters have studied with me in the past-I'm sure you can find yourself somewhere!

Rediscovering music after "normal" career
Music Diploma Students
Super-Passionate Hobbyists
Young Musicians Starting Out
Semi-Pro/Nearly Signed

"Saved Me Years Of Frustration"

"Great content, really useful techniques that I think have saved me years of frustration on trying to figure out why my songs were "just not there".  Love the tools you gave us on melodic rhythm to provide contrast and build, and then release into the chorus. Learnt a lot about what makes a hit commercial song and what I can do to make my songs better. "

—Allan Cuevas Budapest, Hungary

You can buy another piece of equipment or massively boost your songwriting skills

Up to you...

Buying a new piece of gear feels good. You're holding something tangible in your hand—or opening it up on your computer screen—and excitedly start exploring the new sonic possibilities it offers. Instant reward. But what's even better? Delayed reward, on a magnitude far greater than any new piece of gear could ever provide. 

Because after seriously studying the piano, guitar, voice, DJ'ing, mixing or whatever it is you're pursuing, comes that indescribable feeling of "getting it" for the first time ever. In songwriting, that is a rare feeling indeed because there is very little in terms of proven, practical and well-structured training available to the aspiring writer. 

That's why I decided to stop writing for a while and focus exclusively on analysing hit songs, trying to distil concepts, principles and "secrets" for myself and other writers to apply to their songs on a consistent basis. Out of this analysis came the foundations for this course which I've been teaching in similar form since 2011. Some of my students have

achieved major milestones like record and publishing deals, achieved major radio play and playing at big festivals and in general reporting back they felt much more confident about their songwriting—and that it was more enjoyable too!

So I would like to invite you to treat yourself to this course which will make a big difference to your songwriting lives—especially if you do the specialist exercises and stick with it till the end. I learned and re-learned so much myself whilst preparing this online version that I can't wait to find out how it can impact you. 

Shortly the pricing table will come into view. Simply pick the option that suits you best!


   Full 3-Month Course With All Features


  • 58 Premium Video Lessons
  • Novel Practical Exercises
  • Real, Tangible Progress Via Quizzes, Assignments &                    Exams
  • 4x1hr Individual Skype Lessons

Secure Payment in USD/GBP/EUR


Complete+Additional Personal Coaching


To speed up the learning process by getting 1-2-1 coaching

  • Everything In Complete
  • +8 Individual Skype Lessons(8x1hr), 12 In Total

Secure Payment in USD/GBP/EUR


21-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't resonate with the lessons and feel that your songs are beginning to get stronger after 21 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund—whether you give us any reasons or not. Or you can give us a chance to better tailor the programme to your specific requirements—and then

still get the refund if you're still not happy.

"I'm confident that you will get on really well with my course but we all know that we can't please all of the people all of the time so if you want your money back just say so."

Alex Von Soos

"The Course Was Absolutely Brilliant"

"The course was absolutely brilliant; I'm basically walking around with an I'm-so-enlightened-the world-better-watch-out attitude now because...well, I am!."

- Viv May (London, UK)

"Many Smart New Tools And Techniques"

"Alex cannot give you the creative fire, work ethic, or secret sauce to be a great songwriter, but he can help give an edge to the tools you already have in your toolbox and give you many smart new tools and techniques to develop your songwriting. His lessons, grounded in his encyclopedic knowledge of modern song production, can help raise your game and give you a more sophisticated approach. Plus, he skips all the boring fluff and keeps his lessons entertaining. Anyone who has a passion for songwriting will enjoy his program."

- Becstar (Tar Heel, USA)


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How long do I have access to the course?

When and how do I get access to the course material?

Can I ask questions or is this just a totally passive experience, like watching TV?

I'm a complete newcomer to songwriting. Will this course be right for me?

English isn't my first language. Will I be able to follow the course?

I'm quite an advanced songwriter. I'm worried that the course might be too easy for me. Will the material be challenging enough?

How does the live coaching element work? Will I be able to play my songs and get feedback?

What's the difference between the options in the pricing table?

If you've read this far...

...I would invite you to consider the following:

What if just one idea, technique or strategy in $ongwondo helped you to 

a) enjoy songwriting again—or simply enjoy it more. Lots more!

b) overcome what you thought was your weak area—because for the first time ever,

you know how to approach it the right way!

c) get to the stage where people finally start saying "yes" to your music!

Yes you can watch Youtube videos for free. Yes you can take a course on Udemy for $10. And yes you can even study songwriting at university level and spend thousands—and years of your life. 

But $ongwondo is unique: it's a complete system written by a successful songwriter that's designed to take your music much closer to where you want to take it within just 12 weeks. And if after 3 of those weeks you decide it's not for you, you will still have learnt a lot of very useful material AND get full refund. 

From my own experience I know that time passes incredibly quickly when you're involved with music. Months turn into years, years turn into decades and your lofty goals become a distant memory—unless you take action. 

I'm very lucky in that I've been able to tick off nearly all the things I wanted from my career before I started:

A major record deal, a major publishing deal and a UK No.1. It feels good to get recognition—and get paid!—and especially so if you've suffered a good few years of frustration and rejection beforehand!

If you're worried about price, just pick one of our payment plans and you can get started today for a very reasonable initial outlay—and make real progress in your very first week!